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Authorized and paid for by Cindy Rosenwald for New Hampshire State Senate. Peter Klementowicz - Fiscal agent.

Legislative Priorities 

(Will be updated throughout the legislative session)

Senate Bill 5: To Increase Reimbursement Rates for Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Note from Cindy:  I introduced this bill because low reimbursement rates have made it very hard for people covered by expanded Medicaid who are suffering from mental illness and substance use disorder to find high quality, qualified providers.  This bill will change that by adding money immediately. 
Status:  The Governor vetoed this bill, even though raising Medicaid rates was the number 1 recommendation of the 10 year mental health plan, and had broad bipartisan support. 
Senate Bill 26:  Will update the New Hampshire health care quality assurance commission, which helps improve patient safety.
Note from Cindy:  This is a great forum for hospitals to improve care.  Patient safety is one of my top healthcare priorities.
Status:  The bill has become law.  Thanks to the advocates who worked to support this issue!
Senate Bill 84: Will appropriate funds to the department of health and human services for homeless services expansion.
Note from Cindy:  High housing costs have led to increased homelessness.  It gets cold in the winter, and people need a place to live.
Status:  This bill was tabled, because the funding was put in the budget.  But then the Governor vetoed the budget.  Sad! 
Senate Bill 86: Will establish a commission to study programs for serving individuals with certain developmental and mental health disabilities.
Note from Cindy:  We can improve how these systems work together to best serve some of our most vulnerable residents.
Status:  This bill became law and the study commission first meets in September.
Senate Bill 178: Relative to telemedicine for spectacle and contact lenses. 
Note from Cindy:  I face-time my daughter in New York--certainly we can use the same technology to increase access while ensuring the best possible patient care.
Status:  This consumer protection bill was singed into law.  Thanks to the tireless work from the advocates!
Senate Bill 222: relative to licensure of pharmacy benefits managers.
Note from Cindy:  Patient safety and great care are key priorities of mine.
Status:  This bill was re-referred, but the common-sense policy was managed in a different bill.
Senate Bill 224: relative to insurance coverage for pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders. 
Note from Cindy:  People with debilitating diseases shouldn't have to fight their insurance companies too!
Status:  I cannot thank enough everybody who testified and supported this bill.  I am pleased to announce that it was enacted into law.
Senate Bill 290: relative to the New Hampshire granite advantage health care program. 
Note from Cindy:  Making sure Granite Staters have access to complete health care services, including substance use disorder treatment, through our successful Medicaid expansion program is a key priority for me.
Status:  It took some tough negotiating, but we succeeded in ensuring that no one would lose their health care because of burdensome bureaucratic regulations.