Cindy's Priorities In The NH State Senate Include...


Cindy has spearheaded bipartisan efforts to expand Medicaid whereby boosting NH’s economy and providing access to life saving services, including substance abuse treatment and recovery programs. 


In the State Senate, Cindy will work with business leaders to attract quality workers by protecting policies like paid family leave, pay equity and tax credits for child and dependent care. 


In the NH House, Cindy worked to expand vocational options for high school students and to reduce the cost of college.  Cindy also worked to defeat measures that diverted public school funds to private and religious schools. 


Putting corporate welfare policies before the needs of New Hampshire families and children just doesn’t make sense and has forced local property taxes to skyrocket.  In the State Senate, Cindy will work to build a state budget that invests in important human potential while being fiscally responsible.

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Peter Klementowicz - Fiscal agent.